STEPHEN HASKELL has been a medical malpractice lawyer in Spokane for over 30 years, taking hundreds of cases to verdict before judges and juries throughout the State of Washington and elsewhere. Our practice is limited to cases of MEDICAL MALPRACTICE and other CATASTROPHIC PERSONAL INJURY and WRONGFUL DEATH claims -- the kind of legal and medical claims that require dedication, planning and often a serious financial commitment.

STEPHEN HASKELL, out of all medical malpractice lawyers in Spokane, can bring not only specialized malpractice experience but also can deliver real-world results for clients grappling with wrongful death, brain injuries, loss of limb or bodily function, blindness and other claims of catastrophic injury.

Because our practice is highly specialized, unlike many medical malpractice attorneys in Spokane, we carefully screen the facts of the case, together with the applicable law and medical standards. If we determine the case has merit and a significant damage potential, we devote our full resources to maximizing recovery for victims. This is especially important in cases of paralysis, debilitating personal injury and wrongful death, as the majority of wrongful death lawyers and brain injury attorneys have many other small cases going on at the same time eating up their resources. We intend to deliver to you the absolute best outcome possible -- a pledge you can verify with some of the RECENT CASE RESULTS many of which were awarded millions of dollars.

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Recent Medical Malpractice Results

VerdictType of Case
$1,500,000Medical Malpractice
(Failure to diagnose cancer)
$1,200,000Medical Malpractice
(Failure to treat bone infection)
$1,000,000Medical Malpractice
(Paralysis / spinal surgery)
$1,000,000Medical Malpractice
(Class Action / Phen-Fen clients)
September 29, 2013

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