Malpractice News

February 2, 2012

Dispute Between Doctors and Insurance Costing Patients

A dispute between a hospital and insurance company is hitting patients in their wallets. Emergency Room doctors at Providence Holy Family Hospital no longer contract with Premera Blue Cross, which means some patients are receiving unexpectedly large emergency room bills.
Holy Family emergency room doctors are independent of the hospital, and belong to a group called “Emergency Physician’s Services” which no longer contracts with Premera after negotiations between the two broke down when physicians requested a rate increase, that Premera said was “significantly above those of similar providers in our network.” The contract between the two groups was dissolved, therefore, Premera no longer pays the full amount that the physicians charge.
Providence Holy Family Hospital released a statement that said, “We urge both organizations to continue their negotiations to resolve this contractual issue quickly in order to serve the best interests of the residents in north Spokane.”
Physicians in the emergency room will currently accept payments made by Premera, however the payment rates may not cover the whole bill. Other emergency rooms in the area, like Deaconess Medical Center, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, and Valley Hospital and Medical Center, are still in contract with Premera. 

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