Malpractice News

January 26, 2012

Family Awarded $177 Million in Medical Negligence Lawsuit

A jury in Jacksonville, Florida has awarded Clay Chandler $167 million in damages for fraud and medical negligence, and added $10 million for punitive damages, after finding Memorial Hospital negligence in caring for Chandler.

The jury found that Memorial Hospital and a physician were at fault for the severe and permanent injuries Chandler suffered after having a weight reduction gastric bypass in 2007. Chandler was left unable to walk, feed, clean, or bathe himself, and is unable to speak clearly. The jury found that because of poor patient care, Chandler suffered post-surgical complications that ranged from brain damage to bed sores.

The jury also found that fraud was committed by the hospital because they said the physician was certified by a particular medical organization, when he was not.

Memorial hospital issued a statement that said "We are saddened by what Mr. Chandler has experienced. While we sympathize with him and his family and respect the judicial process, we do not agree with the outcome of the case and intend to appeal." Though attorneys for the hospital said they have implemented new procedures and made changes so something like this could never happen again.

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